” Let The Thieves Rule You”

Last night I read one of the best news items ever on citi fm. It wasn’t any complicated post about how the government is destroying the nation or some lies from a government official telling us how things are getting better; it was honest talk about how stupid those in government think we are. I […]

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The 2012 Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has met the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), Rt. Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey, at his office in Accra. As part of a series of meetings to inform stakeholders in country about the decision he has […]

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NANA AKUFO-ADDO CALLS ON OSU MANTSE Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo this afternoon paid a courtesy call on the Paramount Chief of Osu Traditional Area, Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI, at the Osu Palace. Accompanied by Sheikh I.C. Quaye, former Greater Accra Regional Chairman; Prof. Mike Oquaye, former 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament; Stanley Adjiri Blankson, […]

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Some few days ago, some Public Sector Workers Unions and Associations announced an indefinite strike action in sharp protest against the poor handling and management of workers contributions under the second tier pension scheme by the John Mahama led National Democratic Congress (N.D.C.) government.  Even more disturbing to them, is governments attempt to impose Pension Alliance Trust as a corporate trustee to manage the second tier pension funds for public sector workers.

From different backgrounds, with different political orientation, persuasion and interests, we are today in unison, devoid of all partisan consideration assuring all Ghanaian workers that we are solidly behind them in their legitimate struggle to secure their future against hardships and all vulnerabilities associated with inadequate pension benefits. It is even more imperative for us as Youth leaders because we also cannot afford to mortgage the future of the teeming young people who for the next three decades of their lives will be making compulsory contributions in anticipation of an enjoyable retirement.


For the avoidance of doubt, the National Pensions Act 2008 (Act 766) clearly describes the second tier pension scheme as a mandatory fully funded and privately managed occupational pension scheme. Thus, we members of this coalition regard the seeming interference by government as not only undermining the spirit of the pensions Act but also marks a clear breach of the Act and should therefore not be countenanced in the slightest sense by all well meaning Ghanaians. Consequently, we see the timing of this strike as most appropriate since a successful agitation will set us on a path of recovery from the current status quo of meagre retirement packages for the hardworking

working class of Ghana. It also has the potential to reverse the trend of government dipping its long arm in pension funds and eventually misappropriating it. Over the last few years the N.D.C government has presided over the sale of valuable and profitable state assets like the Trust Hospital, the Trust Bank and the Merchant Bank all without recourse to the interest of the Ghanaian worker whose contributions were used in building these valuable assets.

However, whiles we urge the workers on to press on for what is legitimately due them, we wish to find out the following;

(i) Why is government so intransigent on the appointment of Pension Alliance Trust as trustees of the fund under the second tier scheme when it is obvious it marks a clear breach of the Pensions Act, which urges the employer and employee to come together and agree on a trustee?

(ii) Exactly how much has SSNIT collected under the tier two scheme?

(iii) How much interest has accrued on the principal collected so far?

(iv) What is the position of SSNIT on those who joined the second tier scheme at age 55? Will such persons be entitled to extra lump sum from SSNIT. The coalition thinks it will be most unfair for SSNIT to pay just monthly entitlements to such persons.

These are begging questions which demands urgent answers.

On the evidence of the above, the Coalition stands shoulder to shoulder with the already overburdened and overtaxed workers of this country as they legitimately fight for the future generation of this country. Indeed the seeming intransigence and lackadaisical attitude of the John Mahama government, creates strong doubt about the availability of the fund at the Central Bank.

For a country that cannot afford a box of chalk which cost two Ghana cedis (2gh) to educate her children but can easily afford the payment of fraudulent judgement debts and the luxury of its leaders to surpass that of Arabian Kings, the workers of this country have every right to press home for what is due them.

Indeed, the insensitivity of this government is legendary. Today our kids are not in school because teachers are on strike. We stand the risk of losing many of the citizenry because our hospitals are being deserted by our health workers whose concerns are not being addressed by government. Ghana is indeed grinding to a halt under President Mahama and we must join forces to reverse this ugly trend.

Thank you.


Sammy Awuku

National Youth Organizer N.P.P.


Abu Ramadan

National Youth Organizer PNC


Kadir Rauf

National Youth Organizer C.P.P


Divine Nkrumah

National Youth Organizer P.P.P



Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we welcome you to this press meeting by the Ashanti Regional Youth Wing of this great party, the New Patriotic Party. We must first commend the whole party for the successful manner by which officers of the party were either elected or appointed from the polling station to the national level and the recent super delegate congress. Indeed this success symbolizes one thing that the party is growing from strength to strength.

Though the foundation of a building determines its strength and life span, it is the super-structure that exhibits its beauty and market value. We believe that the delegates at the various levels of our party when they were electing or appointing officers to various positions to serve as the foundation for victory 2016 had in mind the kind of super-structure they wanted on it. From every corner of this country, from the north to the south, from the east to the west the overwhelming majority of our supporters, floating voters and even disgruntled NDC members are all singing one particular song – ‘No Nana No Vote’, Shee Nana, Shee NPP. That is to say bring Akufo-Addo. It is not surprising that several accolades have been given to him Akufo-Addo such as ‘abrotre hene’, ‘abrotre wura’, ‘Mr Ghana’, ‘Mr fix it’ ‘Ghana anidaa soo’ and so on.

Ladies and gentlemen, for us in the Ashanti youth front, Nana Addo’s impeccable record as a true statesman, a true democrat, and a true patriot serve as a form of inspirational leader to us. He has continuously upheld and defended the rule of law and the tenets of democracy prevailing in this country and beyond. The way and manner in which he conducted himself immediately after the declaration of the 2012 elections by the Electoral Commission and the declaration by the Supreme Court of the elections petition clearly epitomise that he is a man of peace- ‘abotre wura’. His words such as “I do not want a single blood to be shed because of my quest to become president “indeed saved this country from any turmoil. We applaud him for that exemplary show of love and commitment to the peace and stability in our dear land.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has sacrificed and served our party’s tradition for over forty years. His passion and vision to transform Ghana into a prosperous country is peerless and matchless. Unlike President John Mahama, Nana Akufo-Addo has demonstrated his incorruptible nature to all Ghanaians.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, it is evidently clear from the aforementioned facts that the kind of super-structure that the overwhelming majority of our party delegates, our party supporters, floating voters, and even disgruntled NDC members want for our party and mother Ghana is Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Therefore, as delegates in the upcoming congress to elect the flagbearer for our party, we the regional youth organisers, overwhelming majority of our constituency youth organisers, polling station youth organisers and TESCON delegates in the Ashanti Region, the stronghold of our party, the region with the highest number of youth organisers and TESCON institutions have consulted among ourselves and we are with the greatest conviction that the best person to guarantee us victory in 2016 elections is Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. We therefore without hesitation declare our support for him.

Though this may come as a surprise and disappointment to the other flagbearer hopefuls particularly as they hail from this region, they must take inspiration from what the great Martin Luther King Jr. said that “we must accept finite disappointments, but we must never lose infinite hope”. We love them and equally believe in their competence but at the moment it is Nana’s time. Hopefully it will get to their time.

Ladies and gentlemen, this country continues to saddle in the manacles of poverty and hardship in the midst of bounty ocean of human and natural resources. It is very clear that the Mahama-led government has lost focus and are clueless, visionless and aimless as to how to solve the various crises which they themselves have brought onto this country. The prosperous economy that the Kufuor–led government left in 2009 has been destroyed by a self acclaimed youthful president. At least we are happy that he now agrees with us that ‘knowledge and wisdom go with age’. His public endorsement of seventy two (72) years old Alassane Ouattara, the Ivoirian President is a clear admission that Nana Addo’s presidency will definitely rescue this country from the kind of leadership paralysis which we find ourselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ghana awaits the NPP, we are the hope for all those whose businesses have collapsed, we are the hope for all those youth who cannot find work, we are the hope for all those parents who cannot pay their children school fees, and we are the hope for all those investors who have lost confidence in our economy. Long live the Ashanti Regional Youth Wing, long live the New Patriotic Party and long live mother Ghana. Thank you and God bless us all.


As the sun gradually sets on the administration of the current leadership of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), the National Youth Wing of the New Patriotic Party (N.P.P.) extends special congratulatory message to the leadership of the union for holding the fort for the students of Ghana in the past year amidst all the challenges and difficulties.
On the special occasion of the Union’s annual congress slated for September 18-21, 2014 it is the hope and prayer of the National Youth Wing of the Party that, delegates who converge at Akrokere in the Ashanti Region, would elect men and women who are equally capable of effectively representing the students of this country.
Indeed, the state of the Ghanaian student in recent times has not been the very best. We have in the past years witnessed withdrawals of allowances which hitherto cushioned students at the teacher and nursing training institutions. Worse of all has been the seeming lackadaisical attitude of government towards our schools of special need and above all on capitation at the basic and senior high schools.
It is our hope that in electing leaders delegates would take into account all these concerns by voting for vibrant, dynamic and courageous persons who will be at the forefront to get these outstanding issues resolved.
As young men and women, the future lies in our hands and we cannot afford to fail.
We wish you a successful congress and wish all candidates the very best of luck.

Samuel Awuku
(NPP National Youth Organiser)



Recent happenings in the NPP have been awful. Various sections of the public have expressed shock, worry and displeasure about these rather unfortunate events and have called on leaders of the party to act fast in order not to stall the party’s chances of obtaining power in 2016.

A few months ago, the party held it’s National Delegates Conference in Tamale where they elected new executives to take up the mantle of running their internal affairs. It’s was to most of us “a dawn of a new era” but it looks like the new era hasn’t started exactly well as we all expected.

Factionalism is slowly destroying the values our party holds in high esteem and if this isn’t addressed properly, it will rather be a bane on the party’s progress and political ambitions. Supporters of the two front-runners in the race for the flagbearership position have acted poorly in order to get their messages across to voters. Internal politics in any party commendable. It shows how well the party is organized for actual political power, promotes democracy and develop young leadership talents in the party.

From the ongoing internal squabbles, it is as though the NPP have forgotten the effects of political apathy and how it can affect us as voters and supporters of the party. It’s has grown very embarrassing how this hot-button issue has turned our very modest leaders to complete mudslingers.

Can this end please? 

Let’s not break the hearts of disillusioned Ghanaians – Karbo to NPP

Former National Youth Organizer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Anthony Karbo is calling on the party leadership to stop breaking the hearts of ‘disillusioned’ Ghanaians who are looking up to them for solace.

According to him, a vibrant party like the NPP dominated by intellectuals should be able to settle all differences in-house without “attracting negative publicity to ourselves”.

“The duty of an opposition party is to keep the government on its toes and not to step on one another’s toes,” Karbo opined.

The renewed internal wrangling in the NPP came about after the General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong, asked the party’s deputy Communications Director, Mr. Perry Okudzeto to take his two years accumulated leave effective Monday 18th August, 2014.

This has incurred the wrath of some national executives who have described the “unilateral action” of the General Secretary as unconstitutional.

The NPP Northern regional Chairman, Bugri Naabu incensed by the development has called on the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to suspend Kwabena Agyepong to serve as a deterrent to others.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Monday, Anthony Karbo said though the General Secretary has flouted the party’s constitution, “we should not wash our dirty linen in public”.

He noted that, in spite of the fact that the NPP is a human institution, “we should be able to resolve our issues amicably as a family”.

Anthony Karbo could not fathom why a party which professes to be an alternative government is rather ‘fighting’ over trivial issues.

“Ghanaians are suffering under this incompetent Mahama-led administration and as a responsible opposition we must keep it on its toes rather than concentrating on such trivial issues” he bemoaned.

The former youth leader believes the NPP as a responsible opposition should rather keep government on its toes than fighting one another.

Anthony Karbo called for mutual respect among members and implored them to do away with acrimony for a formidable front in the 2016 general elections.



There is hope for Ghana – Akufo-Addo


Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has assured Ghanaians of better times ahead for the nation when he is voted into office in the 2016 presidential election.

“We[Ghanaians] need people who will work for Ghana to succeed. It is only the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who can bring prosperity, employment for the youth and progress for all. We have the men and women who can give this nation good and effective government,”he said.

He made this known when he addressed delegates of the NPP in the Eastern Region, upon resumption of his campaign to win the nomination of the party ahead of the 2016 elections.

The Better Ghana mantra agenda of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), according to Nana Addo, has collapsed as the only thing Ghanaians are witnessing is bad governance which has generated hardships and poverty.

“Businesses are collapsing, our educational system is in disarray. When someone is sick, it becomes a heart-wrenching issue, because our healthcare system is in a mess. This is not the Ghana we all know,” he stated.

A government, under his leadership, Nana Addo explained will ensure the rapid industrialisation of the Ghanaian economy and move this nation from a producer and exporter of raw materials, to an economy that will add value to the country’s raw materials. This, he said, is the sure way of creating the hundreds of thousands of jobs needed for the growing masses of unemployed youth.

“I did not get into politics to enrich myself. That’s not why I am in politics. That is not the reason I am seeking office. I am seeking office to serve the people of Ghana,” he added.

Source: Office of Nana Akufo-Addo