Poll: Which Region should Nana Addo focus on ahead of the 2012 Presidential Elections?

Please leave your comments or reasons why you believe a particular region should be focused on.


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63 Responses to “Poll: Which Region should Nana Addo focus on ahead of the 2012 Presidential Elections?”

  1. i think the npp should focus on western region becos npp did alot in western region during president kufour time.again western can help us reduce the shocks that will come from central.

  2. Ashanti region cos the total number of votes in that region alone can make up for any misshapen in Volta region…long live NPP….

  3. I think nana shd work acidously@all region cos we need him to save us from this suffering.

  4. Ebenezer Opoku Boahen Reply January 23, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    i think Nana should focus more in the eastern and western regions. these two regions along with ashante will win us the elections

  5. This because western region can help npp reduce the volta gap and the way the ndc government and its mps have disapointed the western chiefs about the 10% of the oil income. npp should also focus on the Sefwi areas particulary Sefwi Wiawso and Sefwi Akontombra because they win those seat if they put in much effort with seriouness. Long live nana. Long live npp, God bless Ghana.

  6. boakye yiadom thomas Reply January 23, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    Nana should have concentration @ brong ahafo region cos der are lost of floating voters der

  7. Owusu Nsiah Daniel Reply January 23, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    Nana shld focus on BA ..cos mills and his team B have disappointed the p’ple of TAIN and other places…

  8. I think Nana should concentrate much on Greater Accra region because the cost of living in the region is very high visave the other regions they easily take the message of an opposition party.but more importantly,much effort should also be given to the other regions especially brong ahafo and western region.for ashanti region it is already our world bank

  9. collins n. k.sarpong Reply January 23, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    we have to focus much on the eastern and western regions because they really shocked us in the previous election.

  10. i think nana shd concentrate more n earlie on volta reg cos dy v been highly been disappnted by their luvers,d ndc.this wil enable win mor votes in dis reg.

  11. collins n. k.sarpong Reply January 23, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    may god continue to bless all npp faithfuls to live long especially our trusted flagbearer nana akuffo addo.

  12. I should focus more on Central and western region. we can pull some votes there and split northern region with them. this is a must win election

  13. From a look at the last election i think our great party should concentrate on all ten regions especially the Brong Ahafo region.with the three northern region our chances are high judging from the last election.All the best Nana can needs you

  14. nana shd take all the regions seriouslly with the exception of volta.

  15. Ghana is made up of ten regions so Nana Addo should focus on all the ten regions for victory 2012

  16. BA cos we won dere in the 1st round only to lose dere in the 2nd and 3rd. The factor is partly due to ndc wining majority of seats. Hence a new election annuls dat bogus message!

  17. I think Nana should campaign in all the 10 regions, 230 constituencies and any part of Ghana b’cos in politics one single vote can make a great difference.
    I’ll plead with him to consider the “swinging regions” (the Central & Greater Accra regions. We all know what happened at the 2008 elections in these regions. I would also like implore all well meaning members of the party to partner Nana Addo to campaign to bring this great party to come & continue with the good work H.E. JAK did. Long live the N.P.P., Long live Ghana.

  18. i think we as npp faithfuls should all help in our various regions, we should help the illiterates to understand wat is going on cos they say alot wrong stuff which is not so ,finally we start our campagne frm the scratch and use the tertiary institutions it will help GOD BLESS NPP

  19. john kufour did alot in d Brong ahafo region. He vitually made it a 2nd home frm ashanti 2 d xtent dat most of d chiefs were personal friends. Talk abt d human resource he tapped frm d region- kwadwo agyei darko,nana obiri boahen,nkrabeah dartey,ama busia,j.h mensah n on n on. Lets mke d region our a priority. Victory 4 nana, victory 4 d npp. Again,i tink we shd wrk on our communications. If u ask me, wel john boadu is d guru

  20. The CENTRAL REGION has always been a swing region. People of the Central Region, unlike the Voltarians who will vote for anything clothed in NDC colors regardless of the person’s capabilities, commitment and sincerity, the Fantes are very principled voters. Their votes can NEVER be taken for granted. They are an educated lot who give politicians their votes and when they are let down, don’t hesitate to vote the other way.
    Any party that wins the CENTRAL REGION eventually wins the elections – both the parliamentary majority and the presidency. That’s why Nana must do a lot of hard work in the Central Region.
    I strongly believe that unlike the NDC, whatever commitment or promise Nana makes to the people of the CENTRAL REGION would surely be fufilled when he is elected president.
    The last NPP administration promised the people of Cape Coast that when elected into office their perennial water problems would be solved. President J.A. Kufour made sure it was done and today water shortage is not a regular occurrence in the municipality.
    So Nana, roll up your sleeves and get down to work in the Central Region. I believe in you; most Ghanaians today believe in you more than ever. Your hard work would surely be rewarded and Ghana would surely be a winner once again with a Nana presidency.

  21. Nana u must extremely focus much of da campaign in ash region cuz getn 90% or more in dis region alone can make u win de 2012 election.Strategise perfectly to reduce voter apathy in da region,cuz it contributed 2 our lose in da 2008 elections.But Nana, rememba not to waste ur time in da volta region.thanx n NANA all da way.

  22. We lose the 2008 polls because we lossed the majority of parliamentary seats in central region, the reverse is a win for our great party come 2012

  23. Well i think NANA should focus on B/A. Cause npp was leading during de first round election but it reciprocated during the second round.This shows that they love the party but it was due to some reasons

  24. That is like saying which region in Ghana is much more important or yet which region needs encouragement to vote? If not all the regions then really am at a loss. . .

  25. I think NANA should concentrate very much on BA and WR. These two regions together with the Ashanti Region will kick the Notorious Demonic Party(NDC) out of Ghana politics for good..!!…Lond live the NPP, Love Live Ghana, Kukurudu..!!!

  26. more emphasis should be laid on central region since ‘ se adez wo fie a oye’ phenomenon works no more.
    followed by Ashanti Region before Eastern Region.

  27. i think nana shud concerntrate on all regions cos every vote counts.

  28. I think my only nana should focus on volta, northern reg. And where npp were weak, bcos ndc can again seduce those guys to vote for them. Western, Accra , Ashanti and others you don,t be worried. Nana just overcome your weaknesses and the rest will be added unto you. Thank you for such an eager.

  29. maxwell opoku ababio Reply January 23, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    i think nana should focus on volta region becos in ashanti region, we already to vote masively 4 him.

  30. if you look at the first round in the 2008 election nana was leading with these 3 regions, ashanti, eastern and brong-ahafo out of the 10 regions. nana lost in the 2nd round and also lost brong-ahafo.in 2012 we need to win brong-ahafo back at all cost.

  31. Nana shld 4cos more on volta n de 3 northen regions cos dis people killed our movin forward message.dey can do it again..2012 we wil surely be in power..

  32. I was member of the campaign team who won Techiman North seat for Prof Ameyaw and also a key player at Sene constituency( kwame Danso district) but i sense intruder on page. “Nana must win” is our slogan

  33. we shd focus on all de 9 regions except de volta.nd dis tym around we shd do massive nd aggressive campaigning not rallies.Long live Ghana!Long live NPP!LONG LIVE NANA ADDO!EEEESHIE!IN GOD WE TRUST!GOD WILL HELP US!

  34. Nana please focus on all the regions..and by doing that we will surely win 2012 between 54-58%…..long live NANA ,long live NPP,long live GHANA..

  35. Nana all the way 2012

  36. I think Nana shoud concentrate on the three northern regions since the economy is hitting dem so hard, if the door to door campaign is done there plus the other regions especially npp strong holds just to make them aware of wat is going on. Don’t devote ur time on volta cos just like ashanti is for npp, volta will always be for ndc

  37. Nana should work very hard in central region so that he can increase the no of seats during the kuffour admistration

  38. Ok, it’s unfortunate i’ve got to go for 1 so i’ll go for the central region, winning central region (esp coastal communities) back would surely put us on a pedestal. Unfortunately, to win 2012, we’d have to focus on more than 1 region. We need to focus on Brong Ahafo, Eastern and Western critically and make sure we substantially increase our votes in those 3. We should be aiming at making the Eastern region as strong for NPP as the Ashanti and making BA & Western next in strength.

  39. To be honest nana must take eastern region serious or better still all the 10 regions in Ghana. God bless Npp

  40. i think nana should focus central because they are great in number and when they decide..

  41. Seth kofi Amankwah Reply January 24, 2011 at 4:57 am

    I think we shd focus more attention on the central region, ones we conquer there we wil be at the JUBILEE HOUSE, come 2012. LONG LIVE GHANA LONG LIVE NPP

  42. Nana please let’s have some time to understand the why rejected ballots and strategies to reduce them. Could we get data from the EC to work with? I am v interested in this project n will Be willing to find solutions here. Remember rejected was also the reason we didn’t win in round one. I will post a particular strategy to ur wall later. God be with you.

  43. NanaKwasi Ntiamoah Reply January 24, 2011 at 9:09 am

    I think Nana Addo should concentrate on Western Region because we in the Ashanti Region will continue doing our thing ,i mean voting massively for NPP come what may but the same cannot be said abt the other regions looking at the shock from 2008 general elections.

  44. All the ten regions are equally important to be focused on bcos even a single vote in politics is a blessing in disguise and nana cant afford to loose that! All the best Nana.

  45. All the ten regions are equally important to be focused on bcos even a single vote in politics is a blessing in disguise.

  46. I do believe there is the need to look at all the regions but if there is more time nad resources then Gt.Accra, Western & Central should be concentrated on.

    But NPP we need to sit up, there are so much little blunders going on we can hold on against these guys but we are just looking at the big issues that make news. Please do note about 50 to 55% of the electrotate do not care about those issues, but rahther their welfare. lets adopt taht life style house to the grassroots and stop the media war, thank you.

  47. definately central n greater accra

  48. Nana should start suprising the people in volta and the 3 northern because this regions was confuse that if npp comes their families who are in kumasi feeding them, will be sack to go back to their hometown. And is we the northers who are still in the university who can convience them about how we are facing in the tertiary institution. So you must suprise me to get a used laptop for studies and naturalised with my family first in npp and you will see the power in lavisman(braimah issifu). My e-zwich no:771752576-8 account name: issifu braimah. any amount can shock my moral.

  49. We all should focus on where we find ourselves and preach about Nana and the NPP, with that we will achieve more. But the regions Nana should focus more on are the Volta, Brong Ahafo, Central and the Northern regions because there are some regions that needs less attention becos they wont let Nana down. We all need to work towards 2012 to drive these people out thru the ballot box. God bless Nana, NPP and Ghana as a whole. i believe in Ghana and I believe Ghana

  50. yanney philip kwame Reply January 24, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    well, in my opinion, i think central region is a swing region and for that matter attention should be paid to that region.
    all the same the president promised them better living conditions but they are rather experiencing bitter living conditions and they really disappointed in the mills administration.

  51. Please focus on the 3 northern regions in Ghana. and forget about central region. they learnt enough lessons to vote massively for NPP come 2011. Ghanaians are really crying for you NANA and the NPP..

  52. Concentration must be on all ten region.none of the regions should be under rated.MOVING FORWARD

  53. Emphasis should be laid on BA region, and alot of work must be done in the Ashanti Region before Eastern Region.

  54. I think the party shd concentrate on its strongholds, after all some regions have made up their mind n 2 eyes cannot look in 2 a bottle. Look at wat hapen in de 2 008 elections.

  55. Ithink central Region needs more attension because we lost a lot of seat there and more so its our seat and we needs it back.please take this into consideration, during 2008 to be prcise second round, in my area we had 485 as against 648 as in the first round.what happen in the second round was that, they brought 2 bags of rice to be share to motivate our people,the rice which was not enough was share among few people and cause as a lot in the second round, which we had 311 against 876.we need to work hard this time around.GOD BLESS NPP, GOD BLESS NANA ADDO, GOD BLESS ALL MEMBERS, GOD BLESS GHANA.

  56. In my point of view i think Nana should focus on almost all the 10 regions we need Nana definitely to save us from the hands of the wicked and corrupt governance of NDC. governance of

  57. i think the Western and Central Regions much emphasis should laid since most of the floating voters are domiciled here.In 2008 we did well in only one and half Regions but what was the outcome!

  58. Seth Oduro Adusei Reply March 9, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Concentration should be given to the Western ,Accra and especially Central Regions since it is the main decider in every election in Ghana

  59. Year after year, the NPP makes the same mistake which cost it the last elections. It looks for obvious indicators and it looks to strengthen its fortresses. That is a silly mistake because then you are always playing the game of trying to maintain your own record rather than legitimately questioning the record of the opposing party. The smallest hiccup on your part can then cause the biggest fall. Look to the Northern Region, look to its development and the adequate integration of the 3 northern regions into the country as a whole. Do not slack on your commitment to Brong Ahafo or Kumasi or Greater Accra and of course push harder in the swinging Central and the now oil concerned Western, show concern for the Eastern also. The Volta region can be left to its own devices. BUT attention to the Northern Upper West and Upper East is IMPERATIVE.

  60. i think the Western and Central Regions much emphasis should laid since most of the floating voters are domiciled here.In 2008 we did well in only one and half Regions but what was the outcome!

  61. I think the NPP should focus on the central region. the region has a lot of floating voters. this is de region that supported the the big family of NPP IN THE 2004 election but turned against us in the year 2008

  62. All regions xept volta,we cn never win there

  63. I have toured almost all the ten regions and i think the NPP has committed followers everywhere, including the Volta region (party supporters here must be equally taken into consideration for their resilience and good work which keeps working in the interest of the party no matter how small).

    I have my doubts about such polls that would give some people the “excuse” of branding the party, for their own political games. Plus, asking people which region must be focused on the more could also imply which region must be neglected or better still not focused on and we don’t want to neglect any region. At best, such questions must not be asked on such platforms, they are sensitive and can be interpreted by the “evil” minds of others to mean evil while we mean well.

    It’s good to get a platform where we can exchange ideas but at the same time, we must know every little thing here can be used either for or against us.

    Long live Ghana, long live NPP and may Nana Addo win 2012. Amen- Insha Allah.

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