The President has finished his meeting with journalists at the castle to mark two years of his administration. Questions were asked about the many broken promises of the NDC government; from the drastic reduction in fuel prices to one-time premium payment for the NHIS. On all these broken promises, the president’s answer was that the situation the NDC inherited was so bad that it has been impossible to deliver on the promises.

That is complete lie. Six clear months after the NDC government had assumed office and had time to review the state of the nation, they signed the Memorandum for Economic & Financial Policies, 2009 – 2012, that outlined Ghana’s policies for the period 2009 to 2012. In the policy memorandum, they gave the following testimony:

“Real GDP growth increased steadily from 3.7 percent in 2000 to 7.3 percent in 2008. This growth was fostered by significant debt relief which provided the country with fiscal space to embark on critical infrastructure investments, particularly in the energy and road sectors, as well as targeted social spending, all under the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS). The combination of higher output growth, declining inflation, and improved social spending under the GPRS framework contributed significantly to lower poverty levels. The national incidence of poverty declined from 39.5 percent in 1998/99 to 28.5 percent in 2005/06. At this rate, Ghana is poised to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving extreme poverty ahead of 2015.”

On their inability to deliver on the one-time premium payment for the NHIS they promised, the President said that the state of the NHIS he inherited was so bad that they are having to clean it up first. Here again, we wish to draw attention to the following testimony by Mills administration:

“In the health sector, there have been progressive improvements in the delivery of a number of important outputs. Most notable are: increase in life expectancy from 55 years in 2003 to 57.9 in2006; the introduction of a pre-paid National Health Insurance Scheme in 2004; and the introduction of free maternal care for expectant mothers. These, together, have put healthcare within the reach of the poor and vulnerable groups.”

Yet, after two years when the NDC has failed to deliver on their one-time premium payment, he comes back to tell Ghanaians that he inherited a mismanaged NHIS. Presidents Mills and his government have to be truthful.

On the deceptive campaign message that they would reduce fuel prices drastically, they explained their broken promise on the excuse of some TOR debt. In the last two years, the NDC government has kept changing the TOR debt they met as away of explaining their failures. A few examples:

1. Hon Moses Asaga, Member of Govt’s Economic Team:

At 9.34 pm on Monday, the 19th January 2009, Hon Moses Asaga, then a member of the NDC Economic Team, said on Matters Arising on TV Africa that the TOR debt at the close of December 2008 was GHȼ1 billion.

2. President Atta-Mills, President of Ghana:

Then, on the 14th April 2009, President Atta-Mills, during his encounter with journalists at the Castle, stated that the TOR debt at the close of December 2008 was GHȼ1.14 billion.

3. NDC Government’s Transition Team:

In May 2009, the NDC Government’s Transition Team released a document,supposedly coming from TOR, that put the TOR debt at the close of December 2008 at GHȼ473 million.

4. Vice President John Mahama:

Then, around 10.37 pm on Thursday the 11th June 2009, the Vice President John Mahama stated on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana that the TOR debt at the close of December 2008 was GHȼ930 million.

5. Minister for Energy, Dr Oteng Adjei:

The following day, the 12th June 2009, the Minister for Energy, Dr Oteng Adjei said on the floor of Parliament that the TOR debt at the close of December 2008 was GHȼ106 million. According to him, the under-recoveries at TOR, at VRA, at Bulk Trading Company, at Bost and others, all put together was GHȼ347 million at the close of December 2008.

6. Dr. Kwabena Dufuor, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning:

On the floor of Parliament December 2010 contributing to a debate on the 2011 Financial Policy and Budget Statement, gave the TOR Debt at about GH¢880 million out of which he reported that the sum of GH¢445 million had been‘clawed back’ from the debt to avoid Ghana Commercial bank from collapsing. He however added also that interest accumulation brought the debt back to GH¢630million.

7. Mr Alex Mould, CEO, National Petroleum Authority:

Then at 8.45 am on Tuesday, 4th January 2011 on Joy FM Super Morning Show,the Chief Executive of NPA, Mr Alex Mould, stated in the face of fresh fuel price hikes, that the TOR debt at the close of December 2008 was GHȼ1.5 billion.

Then today at the Castle, the President gave yet another figure of GHȼ1.48 billion. This new figure is different from what he himself gave 21 months ago, different from what his own vice-president gave 19 months ago, and what his ministers and appointees have been giving in the last two months.President Mills and his government cannot deceive anybody. They must deliver on the promises they made. Ghanaians want delivery, not untruthful excuses!


Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie,

General Secretary.


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  1. Thats true but the NDC government is deceiving himself. We shall vote against them come 2012. God bless Ghana and the NPP including our flag bearer, Nana Addo. Amen!

  2. Good job. This’ what we need to counter the blatant lies a so-called president and his cohorts have shamelessly been dishing out on Ghanaians. In fact, loads of this piece must be printed out and shared on the streets of Ghana.

  3. The ndc government came in power just to fulfill their pocket.They have nothing better for Ghanaians.WE HOPE TO SEE NPP IN POWER IN 2012.AMEN!!!

  4. I think Ghanaians must also be reminded of the price of crude at the world market in 2008 and how much a gallon was bought in Ghana,even before the reduction in Dec. ’08, and the price of crude at the world market now and how drastically (apologies to Atta Hypocrite Liar Mess) the price has been increased now. Thanks.

  5. Abenaa frimpong-Mansoh Reply January 9, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    What a govt we hv in Ghana.they r full of lies.shameless friends need ur website,pls how will they get it.

  6. I’ll go out there and educate our fellow ghanaians who has been blind by the NDC GOVERNMENT! They must no the truth and the truth shall set us free from the deciting tough of the NDC!!!

  7. I guess we should be making a collection of all these tapes for a special documentary.we have to remind ghanaians all the time.

  8. SEGBE ADJETEY-SOWA Reply January 9, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    Actually, its embarrassing, when a whole President of a nation was asked what his next action would be, after reshuffling his ministers and the sudden 30% increase in fuel price; only for the Prez. to say his third action is to INVITE HIS GUEST(S) FOR LUNCH AT THE CASTLE. What a bluff.

  9. Whether ndc or npp, they are all not been truthful to the good people of Ghana. Ghanaians did not vote npp out just for the sake of CHANGE, but for something they (npp) were not doing right. npp should not be the judge, the good people of GH are mature enough to make a decision come Dec. 7th, 2012. I’m out!

  10. For me, whether ndc or npp, they are all politically the same. Why did the good people of Ghana vote npp out in 2008? Ghanaians are mature enough to make a responsible decision come 2012. Obviously, npp did not vote ndc into power, the good people of Ghana did, and they (Ghanaians) will surely do what is RIGHT come Dec. 7th 2012.

  11. How can people in my village know and understand the mess the NDC is putting us through!

    • The unfortunate thing is the people in the village don’t have access to the internet like you and I do. You therefore have a duty to share what you learn through this forum and other forums with the people in your village. Educate them on the policies of the NPP.

  12. All members of ndc are not truthful and they never be. Nana we are only waiting for you. Just think of the toll boot fees, absolutly nothing goog can come out of ndc.

  13. Job well done. This is a crucial time for us to be united and fight for we stand for. We shall be back in Jan 2013. God bless mother Ghana.

  14. The NDC government are full of lies and have showered themselves with a bucket full of deception. However some of us refuse to fall for their lies because we know what is going on. I hearby encourage all NPP supportes and activists to charge in their best and rally behind Nana Addo for 2012. We must surely win the election to restore the country’s economic position back to how our honourable gentle JAK left it. Aggressive Co pilot Nana Addo prepare to take off with us in 2012. Oseeeeeeey NPP.

  15. Gud info der.i strongly suggest dat a documentary on al des topics be made n placed in de media houses 4 odas like me 2 ve a beta info on al de issues sir john

  16. Nana,i can read,understand n know de truth bt what abt de illeterates.NPP need intensive education to redeem de blind.For de liars,they will know de truth when they’re out of de castle come 2012.

  17. maxwell opoku ababio Reply January 20, 2011 at 8:49 am

    Nana, be vigelant about ur promises compain time come 2012 so that u will not be like yaanom.

  18. Ghanaians must recognise the failures of our NDC.we must a little bit civilize.Just because
    it is not bread alone which make man survive our politic understanding seems too low.there is
    a great different between the so called NDC and NPP.NDCs only think of hand to mouth while the NPP think of building a good foundation for our nation Ghana.we do not have to think too much of our stomach to vote for wrong leader.please i hope what i am writing is clear.the decision of the NPP seems so great but lack of knowledge make people perish.Nana you are welcome towards 2012 presidency

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