Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has bemoaned the current government’s focus on gaining propaganda value in the management of the economy instead of taking real steps to fix the economy and make life better for the ordinary Ghanaian.

Dr. Bawumia made the comments during an interaction with the media in Tamale as part of activities rounding up his seventeen (17) day tour of the Northern Region which has been described as very successful.

Responding to a question from Mohammed Boderigbin, Northern Regional Correspondent of the Ghanaian Observer, on his criticisms on the management of the economy, Dr. Bawumia said, “We talk about the economy because Ghanaians are suffering under what can be described as a basic mismanagement of the economy.

“I know that on the NDC side there is so much propaganda that they use when talking about the economy. Misrepresenting facts comes very easy to some of them and this penchant for propaganda is hurting Ghana seriously. When you have a whole government admitting to lying to the World Bank deliberately, where do you get the credibility to manage the economy competently? All you have in managing an economy is credibility, when you say it is ‘A’ it must be ‘A’.

But if you come out to say that you deliberately lied to the World Bank or IMF, how do you expect us to take you seriously? How do you expect the international community and International bodies to take you seriously? Ghana doesn’t deserve this, Ghana deserves much better. We cannot subject the millions of our people to this type of economic mismanagement. It is not fair on our people. You need serious people to manage the economy. We don’t need people whose specialty is lies and propaganda in managing our economy. We don’t need that, this is a serious job and we are dealing with the lives of our people. When I hear about some of these statements coming from our government, it really disheartens me because Ghana doesn’t deserve this and economic mismanagement is hurting the livelihoods of our people.”

Dr. Bawumia noted that the economy being central to the welfare of the people should not be toyed with. He said that the prevailing hardships, the unprecedented high levels of youth unemployment, the stalling of development countrywide, the high cost of living, the virtual collapse of the National Health Insurance Scheme etc. could all be linked to the mismanagement of the economy under the NDC in one way or the other and pledged that the Nana Akufo-Addo administration would bring back focus to doing the real work and would not be preoccupied with gaining propaganda value from issues that affect the very lives of the Ghanaian.

The NPP Vice-Presidential Candidate on Saturday was accorded a rousing welcome in the Salaga Constituency, the last of the fourteen constituencies toured during his intensive Northern Regional tour.


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