NPP must clear Afoko from “ghostly petition” – Group

Paul Afoko Npp Chair ContestA youth group within the New Patriotic Party, ‘Youth for Afoko’ has asked the party’s vetting committee to hasten their decision on the petition brought against Chairman Aspirant Paul Afoko.

According to the group, disqualifying Paul Afoko on a ‘Ghostly petition’ would spell doom for the party’s chances in 2016.

Below is the full petition by the NPP youth group.


“Nightfall comes like a dreaded disease seeping through the pores of a healthy body and ravaging it beyond repair.”

In moments like this, NPP youth for Afoko(YOFA) has no better option than to recite Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtsali’s poem, “Nightfall in Soweto”.

Indeed A child does not teach how to breastfeed but when elephants fight the grass gets hurt.

Please raise your hands if you know when Mr.Paul Afoko will be cleared by the NPP vetting committee and you will be the winner of the noble prize award for 2014.

The clock is ticking, tick tock. 12th April 2014, is just around the corner and Mr. Afoko is yet to know his fate whether he would be disqualified or not.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), an offspring of the most consistent political tradition in Ghana the United Party (UP) will have a lot of questions to answer posterity if the Vetting committee does not clear Mr. Paul Afoko from this frivolous “ghostly petition” as soon as possible.

We are thereby asking the vetting committee to direct its energies towards winning the 2016 elections and stop the psychological war they have plagued on Mr. Paul Afoko.

Our Elders say, once the mushroom has sprouted from the earth, there is no turning back.

Mr Paul Afoko is a selfless Man and the grassroots are calling for him therefore, delaying his vetting results or disqualifying him is politically suicidal for our great party.

Paul Afoko has sacrificed family life as well as personal freedom and even threats of death to defy a military leader.

That makes him a bold and selfless leader.

Our brothers from the North, are known for their selfless traits.

Our party will never be complete if Paul Afoko, a descendant of Chief Dombo is disqualified.

Chief Dombo depicted this selfless attribute in 1969.

In 1969, Dombo was supposed to be the leader of the UP because his party, which was the Northern People’s party had majority seats in parliament. The Npp had 15 seats and the NLM had 12 seats.

Dombo, who was a chief at Duorio in the Lawra nandom district in the Upper West region selflessly passed on the crown of leadership to Prof .K.A Busia.

As a party, we have to emulate the selfless traits of Dombo. What matters most is humanity, service above self, humility, self-sacrifice and honour.

Such traits mould and build societies and not character Assassinations. We are therefore calling on the vetting committee to hasten their decision. Long live NPP,

Long live Paul Afoko,

Long live YOFA.


One Response to “NPP must clear Afoko from “ghostly petition” – Group”

  1. I THINK MR PAUL will be the right person to bring D’party to power again I think he is the person who had key of northreners a related member of Nab-Azantinlow family ex-president Rawlings always received powers fr Nab Azantilow paul know better

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