Lawyer Yaw Buaben Asamoa, who political pundits have tipped to become the next general secretary of the New Patriotic Party, picked the number 3 position at the balloting conducted earlier today by the Party ahead of its national executive elections in April.

Having set out to correct the ills that denied the Party of an electoral victory in the last general election, many believe that it is no fluke that the very down-to-earth lawyer picked the no. 3 position, which is the same position the 2012 Presidential Candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, enjoyed in the 2012 general election.

According to members of the Party, Buaben Asamoa’s message of unity is aptly in consonance with the Biblical institution of ‘Trinity’, which depicts oneness between God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  Interacting with some Party sympathisers after the balloting, Lawyer Buaben Asamoa, who many refer to as YB, shared the sentiments of the people.

YB mentioned that it was his message of ‘unity’, which is very much in tandem with the Biblical Trinity that has manifested in his no. 3 position on the ballot paper. He went on to give a graphical perspective of the ‘Trinity’ and explained that “The Trinity is the Party, the Candidate and the Parliamentary Caucus, and YB will be the centre/fulcrum/catalyst around which the three will revolve.”

Political pundits say the 2016 hurdle will not be an easy one for the NPP. They premise their argument on the fact that the NPP will not be able to match the bottomless war chest the NDC will be releasing for the 2016 election. They say that looking at the poor showing the NDC has put up in the management of the economy; it would be delusional for the NPP to think the Nation’s resources, which have been siphoned by government operatives, evident in the many corruption scandals, will not be rolled back for a money based campaign in 2016.

They advise the NPP to settle for national officers who can relate with people from all walks of life. They say that the next General Secretary of the Party should be an exceedingly strategic person who is humble in character, and can work with people regardless of their backgrounds.

Many Party members describe these recommendations as giving YB an edge over the other contenders for the position of General Secretary of the Party. YB is touted as an overly sober and humble man who respects people irrespective of their social status. YB, who recently told delegates that he is selling a dream of victory, is currently ahead of his contenders in an ongoing opinion poll on who becomes the next General Secretary of the Party with 47% of the responses received so far in his favour.

The NPP is scheduled to hold its National Delegates Congress on April 12 in Tamale.  Analysts say the outcome of the congress is crucial to the electoral fortunes of the Party in 2016.

Story by Stallone Nyarko


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