Let’s Resource our Party for Victory 2016 – Kwabena Agyepong

The former Presidential Press Secretary and Spokesperson to President Kufour, Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, has called on party faithful to remain resolute and steadfast and deliver the party with capable and dedicated executives with pure motives of ensuring a resounding victory for the NPP in 2016.

Kwabena Agyepong, who is aspiring to be General Secretary of the NPP, assured delegates and party faithful of his readiness to work effectively and closely with them when elected, to ensure a resounding victory for the NPP in the 2016 elections.

Addressing the constituency executives and some party supporters at the residence of the late Theresa Amerley Tagoe, Kwabena insisted that elections can be won with a well-resourced party machinery. He stressed that “Our Party is not like a generator which is switched on in an election year and turned off after elections. A serious political party must at all times run actively and purposely like a human being”. He further promised that “on my watch as General Secretary, the party will be at work in all the 275 constituencies simultaneously. That is how an election can be won”.

He re-emphasized the need to resource the party at the constituency level, stating, “All politics is local and therefore resources should be adequately and directly channelled to the base to build a strong party, capable of winning any election in Ghana. A well-resourced party is on a victorious path” 

The Kwabena for General Secretary Campaign team visited the Ablekuma Central, Ablekuma North, Okai-Kwei Central, Okai-kwei North and Ablekuma West constituencies during their last day of the tour of the Greater Accra Region, where Kwabena pointed out that the prime objective of the party is “To win political power” and this he is ready to selflessly prosecute that agenda.

To date, Kwabena Agyepong and his team have visited 193 constituencies touching base with the party faithful and encouraging them with his message of hope. The team would start their tour of the Eastern Region on Wednesday.

——–The End———


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