In the last few weeks,  in my travels across the country, I’ve used the opportunity to have conversations with ordinary people on issues of public concern, including the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in some neighbouring countries. I have been disturbed by the lack of public education out there. There appears to be no comprehensive nationwide programme to give the people of Ghana proper information on Ebola. It is as if the work of public education has been left entirely to the mass media with no policy direction or deliberate support from Government.
Key to preventing and controlling this outbreak lies in the hands of public officials in the form of public education programmes.  We need to see and hear more about how to prevent, detect or deal with the disease in our efforts to stop it from spreading to Ghana and beyond.
Lack of public education fuels panic and the consequences of public ignorance could be disastrous.
It is better to spend wisely now to educate the public than to spend more later to deal with the  predictable, potential consequences of being hit by the pandemic because we did not prepare well enough against it.
Join me in urging Government to do a lot more to increase public education  about Ebola. It is imperative in preventing and containing this unprecedented outbreak. Prevention awareness education is the best cure.
God bless you.
Nana Akufo-Addo


  1. I do agree with Nana 100%, it appears there is no sector for Public Education. You only hear of Centre for Civic Education during Election time, but it is not for elections only but everything for the people to be aware of what is going on in the country. In fact the Centre can educate the masses from involving themselves with bribery and corruption.

    Thank you Nana for your observations

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