Recent happenings in the NPP have been awful. Various sections of the public have expressed shock, worry and displeasure about these rather unfortunate events and have called on leaders of the party to act fast in order not to stall the party’s chances of obtaining power in 2016.

A few months ago, the party held it’s National Delegates Conference in Tamale where they elected new executives to take up the mantle of running their internal affairs. It’s was to most of us “a dawn of a new era” but it looks like the new era hasn’t started exactly well as we all expected.

Factionalism is slowly destroying the values our party holds in high esteem and if this isn’t addressed properly, it will rather be a bane on the party’s progress and political ambitions. Supporters of the two front-runners in the race for the flagbearership position have acted poorly in order to get their messages across to voters. Internal politics in any party commendable. It shows how well the party is organized for actual political power, promotes democracy and develop young leadership talents in the party.

From the ongoing internal squabbles, it is as though the NPP have forgotten the effects of political apathy and how it can affect us as voters and supporters of the party. It’s has grown very embarrassing how this hot-button issue has turned our very modest leaders to complete mudslingers.

Can this end please? 


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