Some few days ago, some Public Sector Workers Unions and Associations announced an indefinite strike action in sharp protest against the poor handling and management of workers contributions under the second tier pension scheme by the John Mahama led National Democratic Congress (N.D.C.) government.  Even more disturbing to them, is governments attempt to impose Pension Alliance Trust as a corporate trustee to manage the second tier pension funds for public sector workers.

From different backgrounds, with different political orientation, persuasion and interests, we are today in unison, devoid of all partisan consideration assuring all Ghanaian workers that we are solidly behind them in their legitimate struggle to secure their future against hardships and all vulnerabilities associated with inadequate pension benefits. It is even more imperative for us as Youth leaders because we also cannot afford to mortgage the future of the teeming young people who for the next three decades of their lives will be making compulsory contributions in anticipation of an enjoyable retirement.


For the avoidance of doubt, the National Pensions Act 2008 (Act 766) clearly describes the second tier pension scheme as a mandatory fully funded and privately managed occupational pension scheme. Thus, we members of this coalition regard the seeming interference by government as not only undermining the spirit of the pensions Act but also marks a clear breach of the Act and should therefore not be countenanced in the slightest sense by all well meaning Ghanaians. Consequently, we see the timing of this strike as most appropriate since a successful agitation will set us on a path of recovery from the current status quo of meagre retirement packages for the hardworking

working class of Ghana. It also has the potential to reverse the trend of government dipping its long arm in pension funds and eventually misappropriating it. Over the last few years the N.D.C government has presided over the sale of valuable and profitable state assets like the Trust Hospital, the Trust Bank and the Merchant Bank all without recourse to the interest of the Ghanaian worker whose contributions were used in building these valuable assets.

However, whiles we urge the workers on to press on for what is legitimately due them, we wish to find out the following;

(i) Why is government so intransigent on the appointment of Pension Alliance Trust as trustees of the fund under the second tier scheme when it is obvious it marks a clear breach of the Pensions Act, which urges the employer and employee to come together and agree on a trustee?

(ii) Exactly how much has SSNIT collected under the tier two scheme?

(iii) How much interest has accrued on the principal collected so far?

(iv) What is the position of SSNIT on those who joined the second tier scheme at age 55? Will such persons be entitled to extra lump sum from SSNIT. The coalition thinks it will be most unfair for SSNIT to pay just monthly entitlements to such persons.

These are begging questions which demands urgent answers.

On the evidence of the above, the Coalition stands shoulder to shoulder with the already overburdened and overtaxed workers of this country as they legitimately fight for the future generation of this country. Indeed the seeming intransigence and lackadaisical attitude of the John Mahama government, creates strong doubt about the availability of the fund at the Central Bank.

For a country that cannot afford a box of chalk which cost two Ghana cedis (2gh) to educate her children but can easily afford the payment of fraudulent judgement debts and the luxury of its leaders to surpass that of Arabian Kings, the workers of this country have every right to press home for what is due them.

Indeed, the insensitivity of this government is legendary. Today our kids are not in school because teachers are on strike. We stand the risk of losing many of the citizenry because our hospitals are being deserted by our health workers whose concerns are not being addressed by government. Ghana is indeed grinding to a halt under President Mahama and we must join forces to reverse this ugly trend.

Thank you.


Sammy Awuku

National Youth Organizer N.P.P.


Abu Ramadan

National Youth Organizer PNC


Kadir Rauf

National Youth Organizer C.P.P


Divine Nkrumah

National Youth Organizer P.P.P



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