We hope you accept our invitation to participate in a campaign for the development of Ghana and the African continent at large.

In the past, we have underestimated the power and influence of the youth in politics. This is a new era and I am sure you are aware of it. The wind of change keeps blowing around democracies in the world. The one thing this wind carries, which is common to all democracies, is the impact of the youth in the campaign for change.

In relation to our own party, we always complain, or at least the people we speak to, complain that the Ghanaian youth are not influential enough in the Party. That may be true to some extent. Those who rebut such an assertion state the universities have strong student organizations which participate in politics. The question we should ask ourselves is, “should that be where it stops”?

The development of Ghana is in the hands of the “cheetah generation” – to borrow the words of George Ayittey. That is, you and I and every young Ghanaian. We share a common vision. And for those who live outside Ghana, the vision gets clearer each day as we realise that the development of Ghana lies not in the foreign aid and international financial institutions but in the hands of Ghanaians.

We hope you join us. Once a member of the group, you shall receive information about this branch of our party. We aim to have a very organized and influential wing. We’ll need your support throughout the process.

If you believe in Ghana’s development and want to be a part of it, then look nowhere else. Spread the word to your friends, acquaintances and family. We hope to count on you for financial support when the time comes. In return, we promise to deliver a wing of the party which will serve the greater interest of Ghana.

For now, spread the word. We also encourage you to visit this page at least once a day. We will keep you updated on news in Ghana and within the party. We will also update you on events you can attend. If you wish to formally join the NPP Youth UK, kindly send us an email at nppyouthuk@gmail.com and we will send you a copy of the form to fill.

We look forward to working with you to return development in freedom back into power. The future is now. Let us solve today’s problems with today’s solutions.

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