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On Saturday, 25th January 2014, the New Patriotic Party elected a new crop of executives to steer the affairs of the party at the regional level. The leadership of the party congratulates members for yesterday’s regional elections and the spirit of fairness that characterised the process.

The peaceful manner with which some 5,000 delegates elected some 100 executives across the ten regions of the country is a clear indication that the NPP is a united force and is ready to wrestle power from the NDC in our quest to bring back hope to the Ghanaian suffering from the worsening conditions of living imposed on them by the John Mahama led NDC government. Continue reading



The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is surprised at the way government, through the finance minister, hon. Seth e. Terkper, sought to play on the minds of Ghanaians, by presenting a budget that showed no clear direction and only engaging in a cosmetic means of projecting the NDC administration as a caring one.

The decision by the President, vice President and the Executive to voluntarily cut their salaries by 10% can simply be tricks which will have no impact on an economy filled with corrupt practices. We wonder the motive behind such a move when the introduction of the single spine is supposed to mean equal pay for equal work done. Are they now telling us that they have realized a reduction in productivity? A focused economy that is cutting down on waste and sealing all the leakages in the revenue collection bowl is what the Ghanaian expects. Government must be tough and cut the pipe lines that direct the leakages to individual bank accounts. The sole sourcing, inflated contract sums and raw corruption can do better for maternal care than this so called show of leadership. If we have a government that is determined to chase monies wrongly paid to friends and cronies, we can improve on our infrastructural developments without overburdening the people.

In the coming days, AFAG will hold series of press engagements on the untoward hardships being experienced by Ghanaians and the unbridled corruption that has engulfed the country. The increment of VAT by 2.5% is a killer to Ghanaian businesses. This universal suffrage inflicted on the Ghanaian can no longer be tolerated. The budget gives no HOPE and simply be termed, ‘KUME PREKO’ Budget 2014.


Dr. Nana Ayew Afriye
Davis Opoku Ansah
Abu Ramadan
Arnold Boateng

NPP To Issue Guidelines For Internal Elections On 18 October 2013

It has come to the notice of the National Headquarters of the NPP that certain Constituency and Regional Officers of the party have issued their own guidelines for the impending Internal Elections.

We are by this statement asking all party officers to suspend such action in order not to jeopardize a very peaceful exercise that the party intends to undertake.

We wish to assure all our party officials and followers that comprehensive guidelines that would govern our Internal Elections from the polling stations to the National Executive elections is being prepared and would be released to our regional/constituencies offices by Friday 18th October 2013. Continue reading

NPP NEC Press Release

The National Executive Committee of the New Patriotic Party met today, 3rd October 2013, to deliberate on the Steering Committee Proposals on the way forward for the Party.

Two areas of misinformation were dismissed, namely that there was any a plan to impose M.P.s on Constituencies. There is no such plan. The New Patriotic Party continues to believe that elections are the best way to judge one’s electability.

The second misinformation was that the National Executives are seeking to extend their mandate. This too was summarily dismissed. The National Executives are working towards its replacement in March 2014 and the Constituency and Regional elections to precede the National Delegates Congress. Continue reading

Ghana’s Economic Crisis and Delay of Statutory Payments

Ladies and gentlemen, we have had the occasion, several times in the past, to comment on the poor economic management by the NDC administration and the consequent poor state of the economy. We have commented on the excessive and illegitimate expenditures during the 2012 electioneering campaign by the ruling party (the NDC), the resulting huge deficit and debt, the excessive borrowing from the domestic market, the crowding out of Ghanaian businesses from the credit market, the growing unemployment, the unbridled taxation (including taxation on condoms), government indebtedness to utility companies, and the general corruption and mismanagement of public finances. Continue reading

Reviewing the Supreme Court’s judgment in Akufo-Addo v. John Mahama


The Danquah Institute, in partnership with other civil society groups, will on Wednesday, September 25, 2013, hold a symposium for jurists and other legal and statistics experts to critique the judgement of the Supreme Court in the presidential election petition filed by Nana Akufo-Addo and two others against the election of President John Mahama in the December 2012 election.

The Symposium which is on the theme: “Reviewing the Supreme Court’s judgemnt in Akufo-Addo vs John Mahama” will take place at the National Theatre at 4pm.

Speakers at the event will include:

·    Sam Okudzeto:- Renowned Lawyer and a former President of the Ghana Bar Association

·    Prof. Kwame Frimpong:- Founding Dean and Professor of Law of GIMPA Law School, and currently the Dean at the School of Research and Graduate Studies at the MountCrest University College.

·         Dr Maurice Ampaw:- A Lawyer and the President of the Legal Advisory Foundation

·         Kissi Agyabeng:- Senior Law lecturer of the Ghana Law School

·         Kofi Bentil:- A Lawyer and the Vice-President & Strategy Manager at IMANI Ghana.

The event will be streamed live on the website of the Danquah Institute and will also be aired live on radio. The General Public is cordially invited to this event.

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