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23 Responses to “Results”

  1. npp deligates have shown greater maturity in elections

  2. this is what we where all looking forward to see n here, NPP am proud to be a member of such a great party, longe live nana Addoo long Live NPP

  3. nana and NPP, i think dis web site should be designed n develop well!!!!
    NPP is for perfection!!!!!

  4. npp has shown to the whole world how matured and democratic they are.long live npp! long live nana!

  5. The pacesetters have once again proven to the world their understanding to Internal Party Democracy for being the first African country to expand its electoral college and yet maintain such standard. A precendent I will urge all other parties in the world to follow. Congrats to the winners and cudos to the minor winners. At the end, the OSONO fraternity is the ultimate winner. LONG LIVE NPP. Victory 2012. NDC SHASHIIE WOWO!

  6. election in saboba was splendid.say a prayer for my hon.charles bintin for victory in 2012.long live npp long live ghana.

  7. Am very proud to be part of this big family

  8. Really we have repeated history again. Congrats to all who emerged winners and better luck to those who did not come out successfully. NPP has won but not individuals so we should put aside everything and help retain what is ours and that is the majority in parliament and the presidency. NPP does not fit opposition and needs not be the minority in parliament. Let us be united than ever, after all this exhibits our high level of competence in democracy. To the incumbents who lost their seats, especially those who are leaving the house after their first time, I say better luck next time, it is quite unfortunate but that is telling us something that you have to find reasons for that and try and solve them for the future.Focus on your duties and never lost focus for you are still MP’s. That should also assure and give us all the hope and believe of retaining power from yhe SOD CUTTING PREZ. MILLS after his first term. My advice especially to those who did not make it is that, you should try and accept the wish of the majority the delegates putting in mind that, not that you are not good or better but just that the best candidates as at now have won,and probably it was due to some one or two things that was told or not told, done or not done, seen or not seen. Above all God’s wish is the best.You should even work harder than those who won so as to get some appointments too after NPP wins the presidency which is going to happen. This is internal democracy and as such we all have the same target and that is VICTORY FOR NPP IN 2012. Thanks.

  9. Jonathan hamilton Reply May 1, 2011 at 9:47 am

    This success must b e replicated in the 2012 elections for the npp.victory is in sight.

  10. I pray we carry this same spirit of togetherness into the General elections coming 2012….AMEN

  11. n p p all way to 2012 npp oooooooooo nana oooooooooooo

  12. you made us proud, congrats to women aspirants.

  13. Stay kool Appiah Reply May 2, 2011 at 1:05 am

    NPP has shown the whole world how matured they are when it comes to internal democracy by holding this peaceful primaries to all those who won we say congratulation and to those who lost we say they should accept defeat in good fate

  14. New juabeng north. I ‘m glad that Nana Agyei Worn. we couldn’t have gotten anyone better than him.

  15. Emmanuel Boadu Reply May 2, 2011 at 8:13 pm


  16. Nana may God Lord bless u, guide u, protect u and yr family. Nana u are the winner for 2012 election.

  17. Gob bless NPP

  18. Please Nana Akkufo Addo, Please don,t be carried by what is happening in the N D C party for we know what they are capable of doing, but rather be sober and vigilant before it is too late for no one thought N D C could won power in 2008, I pray for God’s guidance for all your endevours and come 2013 you would be President of Ghana

  19. Rhoda Seyi Oye Reply May 7, 2011 at 7:44 am

    im really proud of my country Ghana n im most especially proud of npp n npp uk. it shows dat our youths are ready 2 make a change by choosing a leader who will make a diffrnce. indeed, d future is now! up npp!

  20. I am constituent of Ablekuma Center Const.


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