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The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is surprised at the way government, through the finance minister, hon. Seth e. Terkper, sought to play on the minds of Ghanaians, by presenting a budget that showed no clear direction and only engaging in a cosmetic means of projecting the NDC administration as a caring one.

The decision by the President, vice President and the Executive to voluntarily cut their salaries by 10% can simply be tricks which will have no impact on an economy filled with corrupt practices. We wonder the motive behind such a move when the introduction of the single spine is supposed to mean equal pay for equal work done. Are they now telling us that they have realized a reduction in productivity? A focused economy that is cutting down on waste and sealing all the leakages in the revenue collection bowl is what the Ghanaian expects. Government must be tough and cut the pipe lines that direct the leakages to individual bank accounts. The sole sourcing, inflated contract sums and raw corruption can do better for maternal care than this so called show of leadership. If we have a government that is determined to chase monies wrongly paid to friends and cronies, we can improve on our infrastructural developments without overburdening the people.

In the coming days, AFAG will hold series of press engagements on the untoward hardships being experienced by Ghanaians and the unbridled corruption that has engulfed the country. The increment of VAT by 2.5% is a killer to Ghanaian businesses. This universal suffrage inflicted on the Ghanaian can no longer be tolerated. The budget gives no HOPE and simply be termed, ‘KUME PREKO’ Budget 2014.


Dr. Nana Ayew Afriye
Davis Opoku Ansah
Abu Ramadan
Arnold Boateng


3000 Pounds Immigration Bond Ridiculous; AFAG to UK Government

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), finds the introduction of the 3,000 Pounds Sterling immigration bond scheme for some selected countries (including Ghana) by the British Government as highly ridiculous.

Under this scheme, all prospective visitors from countries dubbed as ‘high risk’ countries would have to deposit a colossal sum of 3000 pounds as an entry precondition.

AFAG finds this move by the British authorities not only as discriminatory but also undermines international diplomacy and above all constitutes a blatant somersault on the spirit of the Commonwealth of which Britain remains its permanent head.

In an era where citizens and governments are forging various forms of partnerships for personal and national advancements, the implementation of this ridiculous scheme will not only have an adverse effect on our long standing trade relationship with Britain but will also place enormous burden on prospective visitors who are already burdened with exorbitant nonrefundable visa fees.

Accordingly, we urgently call on Ghana’s Foreign Minister to take a cue from her Nigerian counterpart by summoning British Officials to give full details on the development and also outline ways and means of protecting Ghanaians from such blatant extortion.

Thank you.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, good morning and welcome to another session of interaction with the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG). Once again, in another challenging period of our lives as Ghanaians, we are faced with the harsh economic results of massive corruption, weak leadership and poor economic management. In this regard, and more than ever before, the masses of our people are confronted with the severe problem of high food prices, fuel cost and pending increases in the prices of utilities and allied expenditures.

Fellow Ghanaians, over the past 4 years, our cumulative debt stock since independence has increased well over 300% but with no value for money to the Ghanaian. The excuse by the president that, majority of such expenditure landed in the pockets of formal sector workers as a result of the introduction of the single spine salary structure is absolutely untenable in the face of high public expenditure due to ghost judgment debt payments, massive patronage, inflated cost of contracts, massive corruption allegations against government appointees, and a flamboyant campaign by the NDC.

Ladies & gentlemen of the press, the old notion by government that, the citizen will pay for their wasteful expenditures through the imposition of huge taxes is no longer true. There is therefore, the need for a positive action against government with respect to mass civil actions to press home our resolve that, the consequence of government’s mismanagement and poor leadership cannot be charged the Ghanaian. Continue reading


The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is outraged by the turn of events following the signing of what has come to be known as the “Kumasi Declaration” of peace by all the eight (8) Presidential Candidates organized by the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), the Peace Council and the Manhyia Palace.

If the wielding of machete and guns by known NDC thugs and firing of gunshot into a congregated party activity in Ashtown (Manhyia Constituency) by an NDC sympathizer is anything to go by then AFAG is by this declaration calling for an immediate intervention by Manhyia and the good people of the region before anything thunderous hit Asanteman in the name of someone’s insistent quest to hang on to power. Continue reading


Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press and thank you for honoring our invitation at such short notice. We are indeed grateful.

We have invited you here today to pour out our hearts on some unfortunate developments within and without the Ghana Police Service and AFAG respectively.

As you all gathered here would bear us out, AFAG has for some time now focused its advocacy on the Electoral Commission of Ghana. The first as you may all recall was a press conference dated August 28, 2012 and captioned “Afari Djan; Rescind Your Decision or Ghanaians Will Speak”. Couple of days ago, AFAG again organized yet another press conference with the caption “Red Revolution Demonstration”.  It is worthy of note that in all of these press conferences, AFAG expressed its utmost disgust about the decision of the Dr. Afari Djan led Electoral Commission to create 45 new constituencies and subsequently promised some series of actions to be undertaken by the group. Continue reading


The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is by this statement challenging President John Dramani Mahama to walk the talk by taking concrete steps in addressing the payment of fraudulent judgment debt to cronies of the NDC government if he wants to be taken serious with regards to the fight against corruption.

President John Mahama in what he described as his policy statement to the nation, for the last lap of the NDC government said of judgment debt “The Minister for Justice/ Attorney General are charged with legally retrieving money that should not have been paid out”. He continued “I am committed to running a corruption-free, transparent government. We must use the money under our control to better the lot of the ordinary Ghanaian. From the payments to undeserving individuals and institutions to unnecessary spending, we are dedicated to reform”. Continue reading

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