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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) wishes to assure its supporters and all Ghanaians that the party remains focused and united behind its necessary ongoing reorganization process, as it prepares towards the 2016 general elections and that no volumes of poisonous propaganda can hide the truth that ours is a party in good shape, preparing to be in a better shape.

Contrary to the false impression that the pro-government media houses are actively seeking to create that the party is ‘split’, ‘imploding’ and in ‘disarray’, we remain bonded together by our common cause of working together to win power to rescue the people of Ghana from this era of despair, hardships and endemic corruption.

We are dismayed but not entirely surprised that a State-owned media like the Daily Graphic, with all the resources and capacity at its disposal will join the NDC bandwagon of false propaganda against the NPP.  This journalism of ‘by-force equalization’ to balance the incompetence of the NDC government with negative stories about an opposition party is unproductively petty and must stop.  Continue reading


“I Have An Interest In Contesting The Flagbearership Of NPP” Alan Cash Hints

Former Presidential Aspirant, Alan Kyeremanten, says Ghanaians are yearning for the return of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in power.

“…I believe that the people of Ghana are waiting to put the Government back into power in 2016 to provide the same kind of progressive, constructive and forward-looking leadership that we did during the eight years that we were in power…under the NPP administration,” Mr Kyeremanten told XYZ News Wednesday.

The twice-failed aspirant also told XYZ News his interest in contesting the flagbearership slot of the NPP has not withered.

“I have an interest in contesting, but this is not the forum and the time for me to make an announcement about my intention,” he said.

He nonetheless noted that; “…The issue is not who is leading the NPP; the issue is how we work together as a unified party to come back into power in 2016”.

The former Trades Minister also said his interest in Ghanaian politics remains unfettered.

“I’ll still be actively involved in politics,” he told XYZ News after donating items to orphans at the Osu Children’s home in Accra.

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