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Against the background of government’s blatant refusal to pay heed to our demands as stated in our June 12, 2012 press conference, the leadership of AFAG is by this open declaration assuring all the good people of Ghana that, the group is firmly resolute in pressing home for justice for the good people of this country in the matter relating Alfred Woyome and the State.

It would be recalled that in our press conference dated June 12, 2012 AFAG as a matter of public interest gave the Attorney General and by extension the Mills-Mahama government a 5 working day ultimatum to undertake the following; Continue reading


Mills – Rawlings Relationship; Similar to a Broken Mirror

For a relationship to stand the test of time, it is of utmost important for the parties involved to adhere to certain principles or qualities such as; communication, trust, caring, and commitment. These qualities are the bedrock of any strong relationship or partnership. Thus, if any of the above-stated qualities is missing, the relationship will definitely struggle to last. Communication in a relationship, for instance, could be said to be the problem solver and a destroyer at the same time. This is because every relationship starts with communication, and it allows the couple to talk about their problems and how best such problems could be solved. Trust, on the other hand, is like ‘I love you’ in a relationship. It is the epitome of a strong relationship.  Building trust in a relationship takes a long time but if care is not taken, it can be destroyed within a twinkle of an eye. Trust is about having so much confidence in one another in that, none of the parties would be prepared to cheat on the other irrespective of the distance between them. Another important ingredient in a relationship is caring. It is a feeling or emotion which cannot be described in words. Caring for one’s partner is manifested when the person is away or is in trouble. For instance, you feel sad when your fellow is not well, or you miss the person when he/she is away. Finally, for a relationship to be mutually beneficial to the parties, there is a need for the two to be committed to each other’s cause. Commitment in a relationship keeps it together through the good and bad times. In other words, the parties involved make some sacrifices with the view to helping each other in times of need. Continue reading


The NPP condemns the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government’s attack on press freedom by their latest action against the Multimedia Broadcasting Group.

The Mills/Mahama government has banned reporters of Multimedia from covering official events and also banned public institutions from placing adverts on the group’s networks.

These actions are a direct attack on freedom of the press and against free speech; the constitution mandates the media to uphold the responsibility and accountability of the government to the people of Ghana. Continue reading



The Young Patriots will continue to expose the serial and pathological hypocrisy of Professor John Atta Mills to the good people of Ghana. At the NDC Greater Accra Regional Rally held at Mantse Agbonaa on Saturday 17th March saw how NDC speaker after speaker insulted Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP in the full glare of the President. The President and his party are so paranoid about Nana Akufo Addo and his good policies and programmes he intends to roll out to Ghanaians when elected the president. They have no solution to the problems confronting the nation and only resort to insults and propaganda.


President Mills was sitting on the stage when his appointees and some party leaders like Aseidu Nketia, Yaw Boateng Gyan, Jemina Sosu a.k.a Anita De Sooso, Fiifi Kwetey et al insulted Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP respectively. Young Patriots thought with his commitment to stop the politics of insults, when he had his turn to address the crowd he will rebuke them but only added insults to injury. The president said people who have no achievements in life only resort to insults and lies. The simple truth is that they are paranoid about Nana Addo’s programmes and policies. Continue reading


The Young Patriots on 13th March, 2012 will hold a mammoth demonstration through the principal streets of Tamale in the Northern Region. The demonstration is against the deceit of the three Northern regions through the use of the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) which is today a mirage. It is also against the advance fee fraud (419) of some GHC 674m perpetrated by the government on the people of Ghana under false claims of judgement debt.

On the 20th of June, 2011 or thereabout, the spokesperson of the Vice President, Mr John Jinapor indicated to the people of Ghana (see daily graphic, 21st June 2011) that the Vice President had secured a loan of $340m for SADA. On the 24th of December 2011, President Mills travelled to the United States to supposedly meet Mr Jeffry Sachs and also secured a phantom $18m loan for SADA. A month ago, the Vice President again granted an interview to the effect that GHC200m was ready for SADA and that a cheque of GHC100m was ready and will be in the SADA account the following day. Continue reading


Credible information available to the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) indicates that some unscrupulous persons sympathetic to Mr. Alfred Woyome, the renowned NDC financier and beneficiary of a whooping sum of GHC 58.0 million (580 Billion Cedis) of the tax payer’s money, are feverishly organizing and arming themselves to cause and create unwarranted confusion on the day of the ‘ATTA WAYO DEMOSTRATION’ by way of counter demonstration. This we see clearly as a grand machination by the powers that be to derail the focus of AFAG from throwing more light on the corrupt deeds of the NDC government.

Whiles as a group we concede that, it is within the right of every Ghanaian to hit the streets and protest, we want to state in unequivocal terms that, The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is fully prepared for the occasion and will as a result not hesitate to smoke out, deal ruthlessly with and crush to ashes any imposter who sets out to foment trouble. AFAG however assures genuine demonstrators of their safety and security through our internal security measures to complement that of the Police Force. Continue reading

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