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Akufo-Addo Encourages Ghanaians to Register

 I came across this video posted on the YouTube Channel of the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party in Ghana encouraging all Ghanaians to register and vote in the upcoming 2012 elections. He explains that the only way Ghanaians can have better education, a better healthcare system and prosperity is to register and vote. Enjoy the video and make sure you REGISTER!!!

For details on how to register, visit REGISTER TO VOTE



It has come to the notice of the NPP that the NDC government led by Prof. J.E .A Mills has prepared a grand scheme designed to rig the up-coming December elections with the connivance of officials of the National Health Insurance Authority, and the National Identification Authority.

Over the weekend the managers of the National Health Insurance Scheme across the country were summoned to emergency meetings in the Regions to set up special registration centers in their scheme areas to register “certain people” from with immediate effect.  These Centers are listed below: Continue reading


Parliamentary Candidate for Dome/ Kwabenya Lawyer, Sarah Adwoa Safo has urged Muslims to take active part in the upcoming national biometric registration exercise which is tentatively slated for March this year so that they could exercise their inalienable franchise as enshrined in universal adult suffrage of our constitution. This would give them   the mandate to determine who they want their destinies to be entrusted in the next four years. She said the exercise is so paramount and crucial to every Ghanaian who has attained the voting age and therefore eligible to vote, explaining that they must be given the all the needed education to register and vote in this year’s general elections. Adwoa Safo who joined the Dome pillar two mosque to worship and to also formally introduce herself to the Muslim community decried how people are waging propaganda by spreading falsehood and misleading people into thinking that the exercise is cancerous and that people should not take part in it.      Continue reading


The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has noticed with disquiet the attitude and posture of the Electoral Commission in relation to the proposed Biometric registration and its processes as far as the 2012 elections are concerned.

Five successful elections to the credit of the Electoral Commission under the 4th Republican constitution is not sufficient evidence enough, to talk of a trouble and violent free 2012 elections. Indeed considering the EC’s own 2008 post election report, and that of the Commonwealth Observer team, circumspection must be the watchword for all the actors and factors who matters in the electoral processes.

Lessons must be drawn from the recent organized district assembly elections which attracted a wider public condemnation for its poor organization, ever in the history of the fourth republic. This strongly indicates how fallible the electoral commission can be, and must eschew complacency and action ‘otherwise’ Continue reading


Dear Dr Afari-Gyan,

Could you kindly unburden me by providing answers to the following burning questions please?

Sir, I would first like to draw your attention to events in late December 2008 when after the second round of voting with no early declaration of a victor in the Presidential elections, members of the NDC, were irresponsibly rallied through Radio Gold by top NDC honchos into preparations to storm your offices to force your hand. Chaos was avoided because the NPP Flagbearer conceded with the support of the outgoing president Kufuor. Question: have you not learnt the lesson that elections are emotive events with incalculable outcomes such as nearly happened in Ghana, and certainly happened in Kenya, Ivory Coast and to a certain extent in Nigeria? It is said that the wise man learns from other people’s mistakes, but the fool ignores such to his peril. In essence therefore, Mr Electoral Commissioner, if you are mindful of delivering free, fair and safe elections – as you ought to in 2012 – how then can you account for the following? Continue reading

The Electoral Commission and the looming pitfalls of the biometric exercise

Since the advent of the 4th Republic, we have agitated for and worked towards a systematic improvement of our electoral system and this effort has been spear headed by the New Patriotic Party (NPP). From the days of opaque ballot boxes and poor voter ID cards which generated massive ballot stuffing, impersonation and multiple voting, we have come a long way and in the process earned international praise for the manner in which our elections have been conducted. The benefits of free, fair and transparent elections are too obvious to restate here and it is in our collective interest to strive to maintain our well-deserved reputation. A credible voters register is the first step towards ensuring an acceptable election.

The chairman of the NPP, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, after several unanswered calls on the EC to convene an IPAC meeting to discuss arrangements towards the voter registration exercise and other matters affecting the 2012 elections, sent another letter to the Chairman of the Electoral Commission last week. Continue reading

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