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Multiple and unaccounted identities in the voters’ register as well as the over 300,000 ballot papers the Electoral Commission could not account for in the course of the ongoing Presidential Election petition, according to the petitioners, provided an opportunity for the various infractions which characterized the 2012 General Elections to occur.

According to the 176 paged address of the petitioners, the EC’s failure to account fully for the 241,524 persons it claims increased the voters’ register from 13,917,366 to 14,158,890 and the several multiple registrations found in the voters’ register served as a conduit to facilitate infractions like over-voting and voting without biometric verification.

Unaccounted Registrations in Voters’ Register 

The petitioners drew the court’s attention to the Electoral Commission’s answers to the petition and subsequent answers to queries on the voters’ register which the EC was unable to substantiate and which clearly proved the huge imperfections with the voters register.

“In its Answer to the Petition, the 2nd respondent provided an initial provisional registration figure of 13,917,366. The 2nd respondent further claimed that after the conduct of registration of Foreign Service officials, students abroad on Government of Ghana scholarship, Ghanaians working abroad in international organizations, and the late registration of foreign personnel returning from international peace-keeping duties, the figure increased to 14,158,890 registered voters. This represented an increase of 241,524 registered voters over the provisional registration figure of 13,917,366. Continue reading



Parliamentary Candidate for Dome/ Kwabenya Lawyer, Sarah Adwoa Safo has urged Muslims to take active part in the upcoming national biometric registration exercise which is tentatively slated for March this year so that they could exercise their inalienable franchise as enshrined in universal adult suffrage of our constitution. This would give them   the mandate to determine who they want their destinies to be entrusted in the next four years. She said the exercise is so paramount and crucial to every Ghanaian who has attained the voting age and therefore eligible to vote, explaining that they must be given the all the needed education to register and vote in this year’s general elections. Adwoa Safo who joined the Dome pillar two mosque to worship and to also formally introduce herself to the Muslim community decried how people are waging propaganda by spreading falsehood and misleading people into thinking that the exercise is cancerous and that people should not take part in it.      Continue reading

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