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2013: A Year Of Corruption Scandals And Economic Hardship

As the year ends, people reflect on the happenings of the preceding 365 days and make resolutions for the coming year. New Year’s Eve also happens to be the day that people review and remember what happened in the country during the year. 2013 has been very eventful and would therefore be worth recounting.

The year begun with discussions regarding the presidential election petition filed by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to challenge the legitimacy of the declaration of John Dramani Mahama as President of the Republic. This was the very first time such a petition had been lodged with the Supreme Court. Lawyers and students of the law were excited about the petition whilst the judges, empanelled to determine the petition, were clueless about how to go about it. The rules passed to guide them were abandoned in certain instances. For example, the strict adherence to time and insistence on electronic filing were completely ignored in the name of “justice”. They made their “own” rules as the case progressed.

For the first time, and after many calls for Ghana to be in tune with the rest of the world by allowing television cameras in the court room for such an important case, the presidential election petition was broadcast live on national television. Ghanaians in every corner watched closely and keenly as the evidence was presented, and as it became clear that the elections were conducted so badly and poorly that there was no way any of the two leading candidates could have been declared winner or loser.

Nevertheless, the Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the Electoral Commission and the Mahama Administration was retained to steer the affairs of the nation until 2016. Recently, some members of the Mahama Administration have blamed the economic hardship in 2013 on the presidential election petition, which lasted for 8 months. One thing is clear from their position. They admit that there was economic hardship in 2013. With all the various corruption scandals that came to light during the year, and certain policy decisions taken by the Mahama Administration, it is difficult to see how any reasonable person can come to the conclusion that the Mahama Administration failed to deliver its promises in 2013 and rather made life so difficult because of the petition.

This is why I think the blame game from the Mahama Administration is completely illogical and without any basis. Continue reading


Polls: Reviewing Mahama’s First Year

As the year draws to a close we have decided to run a few polls to find out how Ghanaians view the first year of President Mahama and his administration. There are three questions in these polls and we encourage you to vote on each poll. After voting, we encourage you to share the polls with others so that they can also vote. Polls close at midday on 31 December 2013.

1. What kind of government is the Mahama Administration? Vote here…

2. Which of the following campaign promises has the Mahama Administration delivered in its first year? Vote here…

3. How satisfied are you with the Mahama administration? Vote here…

We thank you for participating.

Ghana Is A Nation Of Cynics – Mahama

President John Mahama has called on Ghanaians to have faith and believe in the country’s potential to become a prosperous nation.

The President is optimistic the country can rise above the challenges facing it if Ghanaians change their views about the nation and adopt a positive mindset.

“If you are a nation of cynics, where everybody believes nothing is going well it will be difficult for you to make it. You have to believe that we can make it – and we can make it – I am certain of that”, said President Mahama

The President made the remarks when he was commissioning the Revival Restoration Centre of the Assemblies of God Church at Roman Ridge, in Accra, on Saturday.

President Mahama said statistics show that Ghana is among ten emerging economies of the world, adding that “if any country will make progress, it is based on the faith and belief of the citizens of that nation.”

“We look at nations that have emerged and today are rubbing shoulders with the developed world and we say ‘how did they do it?’ …How did Japan rise out of the ashes of the second World War to be the second most prosperous economy in the world? All these nations have made it because their people believed that they could make it”, he said.

President Mahama said Ghanaians need that same attitude “in order that we can be great and strong.”

Mahama’s Administration Is The Most Corrupt – IMANI

Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe, has said he is shocked at the level of corruption in President John Mahama’s government.

Speaking on ‘Burning Issues’ on Adom FM/Asempa FM, Cudjoe said “I have never seen in my entire life this level of corruption and waste in the country like under Mahama’s government.”

Cudjoe said since President Mahama appointed him as board member of a number public institutions, he has come across numerous cases of “gargantuan” corruption, most of which Ghanaians are not privy to.

He said it is sad for government to say that there is no money for the single spine salary structure.

Cudjoe asked, “what about the GYEEDA money – what about the Subah money – what about all these very nefarious, nicodamously arranged wicked enterprises, why should we ever not get our money back, this should never happen again in the history of Ghana.”

He said his empirical analysis shows that the country has lost more than Ghc4 billion through leakages and corruption such as ghost names on government payroll.

“It is obvious that there is capitalist cronyism going on in the country – where public officials give contracts to their cronies as a way of siphoning state funds into private pockets,” he said.

“I have never spoken this way before, but I do not think when someone gives you work to do you have to show them’ respect and make them think you like everything they are doing when in fact you know all is not well,” Cudjoe added.

The Economist said the president must take a very bold step in dealing with corruption rather than giving orders for reviews.

He however admitted that lately, the president’s demeanor indicates that he is committed to curbing high level corruption in the country.

Cudjoe advised the president to also follow perceived pro-opposition media and act on the criticisms, instead of focusing on the pro-government media, which only sing government’s praises and do not put government on its toes.

He said his outfit is ready to support the president to curtail corruption in the country.

Ghana’s Total Public Debt Stock Is Now GH¢43.9 Billion


The Danquah Institute is calling for a critical national dialogue on Ghana’s spiralling public debt stock, which, according to the latest report from Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Ghana, has jumped to nearly 50% of Ghana’s rebased economy.

Over the last four years our policy think tank has been vocal in raising concerns about what we consider to be a“mad rush for loans” by Government, and the disturbing absence of real transparency and value-for-money component in several of these loans.

Today, it has become evidently clear that Ghana is fast-forwarding backwards to its 2000 status of a poorly-indebted, and with very little to show for this high level of unprecedented borrowing and spending. Continue reading

Martin Amidu triumphs in ISOFOTON case – Supreme Court orders refund of state money

Martin Amidu

Ghana’s highest court, the Supreme Court, has ordered Spanish energy company ISOFOTON SA to refund to the Government of Ghana the cedi equivalent of $325,472 it received as judgement debt.

The money is to be repaid with interest from March 2011 to the date of final payment, the court ordered in a Friday ruling, according to Daily Graphic’s Court Correspondent, Mabel Aku Baneseh.

The ruling follows an application by former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin Amidu, who said the company had no basis to make the claims because it had no contract with the Government of Ghana the breach of which should result in the payment of any judgment debt.

ISOFOTON is involved in designing, manufacturing and supplying Solar Energy products. Continue reading

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