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The Social Import of “E Dey Be Ke Ke”

One has no choice but to admit that the appropriation of MTN’s catchy marketing slogan “e dey be ke ke“, whether legally or illegally, by the NDC, went a long way in securing their alleged victory in the 2012 polls. Yes, the slogan caught on quickly and soon enough, songs were made with lyrics to that effect. It is interesting to note however that now that the NDC have ascended the throne with only 50.7% of the total valid votes cast, the “e dey be ke ke” will have certain implications, particularly, social implications, which is what this short blog post seeks to address.

The following is a true story. An elderly man walks into a clinic in Accra and approaches the nurse on duty (who is a friend’s wife) with a prescription. The nurse informs the elderly man of the cost of the drugs stated on the prescription. The elderly man asks “isn’t this covered by NHIS?” The nurse politely replies “e dey be ke ke“. Continue reading


Save Ghana’s Soul

This was the highest turnout election in our history, and never before have the stakes been so high.

The Ghanaian people recognized that and came out to change their future, and register their frustrations.

Every single vote must be counted and allocated correctly – so that the leaders of the country and their agenda reflects the true will of the people, not a manipulated and distorted one.

It is a pity the EC announced results before waiting to examine the evidence we have now compiled (chair now gone off on retirement). Continue reading


Inherent in any well established democracy is the staging of periodic elections. Such elections do not only present the electorate, the opportunity to hold their public officials accountable through the ballot but also presents the electorate with the opportunity to choose between the contending parties, personalities and their respective visions.

After receiving the endorsement of Ghanaians in the last Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2008, it is just appropriate that the stewardship of the NDC government is subjected to intense scrutiny by the Ghanaian people. Thus informed by the principles of transparent and accountable governance, the Alliance for Accountable Governance will commencing from Friday November, 30, 2012 hold series of public fora to assess the NDC government with the ultimate aim of aiding the electorate to make an informed decision come Election Day.

Commencing from Kumasi on Friday November, 30 2012, AFAG will also proceed to the Brong Ahafo Regional Capital, Sunyani on Monday December 3, 2012 and other regions which shall be communicated in due course.

It is the hope of AFAG, that in the end we will be uniquely positioned to influence the outcome of the results in order to save the country from her current state.

Thank you.


Davis Opoku Ansah (OPK)


Director of Operations

Oil money will cater for free SHS and Health – Akufo Addo | General News 2012-11-26

Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, on Wednesday night told students and lecturers of Takoradi Polytechnic that his government will spend a chunk of Ghana’s oil revenue on Education and Health.

He said the best way Ghana can make a brighter future for the next generation is to use part of the oil money to provide free Basic Education to the young ones, up to Senior High School. He was speaking during a visit to the Polytechnic. Continue reading

Adwoa Safo, Mrs. Akufo-Addo storm Dome | Politics

Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo, the wife of NPP flagbearer and Adwoa Safo, Parliamentary candidate for Dome Kwabenya constituency will Wednesday 17th October, 2012 storm the Dome market, to take the NPP’s message of hope to the traders.

The presence of the wannabe First Lady will add to the chances of Adwoa Safo, who is also aspiring to take over the mantle from outgoing MP Prof. Mike Aaron Oquaye, who stepped down after representing the constituencies for two consecutive terms.

Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo is expected to deliver some policy interventions an Akufo Addo government will bring to market women who ply their trades at the various market centres. Continue reading

“Mr Prez, Live and Let’s Die” Ghanaians lament to John Mahama

By Kwesi Atta-Krufi Hayford

After the funeral rite of the late Prez J.E.A Mills, Prez John Mahama has been going up and down the country campaigning under the auspices of thanksgiving. Even though he carries no message of hope or any policy, he is going on asking Ghanaians to retain the NDC because he feels NDC must be given two terms to conform to natural justice, also because they should vote for the late President Mills’ memory. What John Mahama is in fact telling us is that five (5) months is too short for him as a care-taker, so we should give him a chance to continue to live so that we all will continue to die under this untold hardship.

This “live and let’s all others die” attitude has been a continuation from him (John Mahama) as the vice president of Ghana (the luckiest vice president, as he himself admits to have been given the carte blanche to do as he wished), and he has aggressively continued this attitude in his short spell as president of Ghana. As a vice president, John Mahama pursued a number of shady and corruptive business deals and foisted them on Ghana with the sole aim of enriching his pocket and that of his family members to the detriment of Ghanaians. Continue reading

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