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Polls: Reviewing Mahama’s First Year

As the year draws to a close we have decided to run a few polls to find out how Ghanaians view the first year of President Mahama and his administration. There are three questions in these polls and we encourage you to vote on each poll. After voting, we encourage you to share the polls with others so that they can also vote. Polls close at midday on 31 December 2013.

1. What kind of government is the Mahama Administration? Vote here…

2. Which of the following campaign promises has the Mahama Administration delivered in its first year? Vote here…

3. How satisfied are you with the Mahama administration? Vote here…

We thank you for participating.


Ghanaians Have A Very Short Memory – Mahama

President John Mahama says “Ghanaians have very short memory,” which makes them easily forget about the achievements made by his administration.

The President, in jest, told a congregation in Accra at the inauguration of the Revival Restoration Centre of the Assemblies of God Church at Roman Ridge, Accra, on Saturday that Ghanaians easily forget how far, how much progress has been made in the country vis-à-vis their present circumstances.

Using the energy crisis that hit the country this year to buttress his point, Mahama said: “The energy crisis is solved. We don’t remember the darkness we were in and so we’ve put that behind us and we’re looking at what the other challenges are”.

According to him, while the crisis persisted, Ghanaians were constantly on his case and ridiculed him by creatively replacing the traditional way of greeting with a coined phrase (“y3 ma mu dumsor ooo”) that elicited a response (“yaa Mahama”) that directly blamed him for the crisis.

The Akan phrase, “y3 ma mu dumsor ooo” can loosely be translated as “have an erratic-power-supply-filled day” and the response “yaa Mahama” loosely means “by courtesy of Mahama”.

President Mahama said it is important for Ghanaians to appreciate how far the country has come as far as addressing development issues is concerned.

He said despite the difficulties of his first year in office, he was nonetheless grateful to Ghanaians for standing by him.

“…I want to use this opportunity to thank all Ghanaians for the cooperation we’ve had in a very challenging year. We’ve had strikes, we’ve had problems with the economy; the deficit, and above all, we’ve had an election petition for almost eight months of the year; the economy slowed because everybody was focused on what was happening in the Supreme Court, but God in his faithfulness has seen us through all these”.

Ghanaians In London Register Their Protest Against The Mahama Administration At No.10 Downing Street

Some Ghanaians living in London have taken to the streets in protest over what they claim to be the worsening living conditions in Ghana.

The protesters are also worried over the seeming delays in the presidential election petition at the Supreme Court.

On Friday, the group adorned in the colours of Ghana’s national flag, chanted and sang on the streets of London, demanding a speedy trial and an end to corruption in the country.

london protest“Under normal circumstances it doesn’t take three months for interlocutories to be served…We know even within this week the number of delay tactics the number of delay tactics the respondents have been trying to apply.”

“…So we know there are going to be delays that is why we are tryign to streghten the hands of the Supreme Court,” one of the protesters told Citi News.

“We want the whole world to know what is going on in Ghana,” another said.

Others insisted the 2012 December elections were not credible.

The protesters were not the least discouraged by the early showers. They poured out in their hundreds to make their voices heard.


The last one week has seen the most bizarre situation regarding provision of healthcare through National Health Insurance.

Last week, health institutions under the Christian Health Association expressed their frustration over payments for their services through the health insurance scheme. The Christian Health providers, like the other health providers, have not been reimbursed for their services in the last six months.

Last week, they threatened to withdraw services from Health Insurance Card holders. The Minister of Health then rushed with a promise, to pay them today, Monday 11th March. Today Monday, there has been no payment and the Christian Health Centres have had to withdraw their services to poor health insurance card holders.

This has resulted in misery, dejection and pain for thousands of poor sick Ghanaians across the 180 Christian Health Centres in the country. This needless suffering of the people is the direct result of the kind of governance that the NDC has subjected the country to. Continue reading


Very disturbing, violent events occurred at the vicinity of the Supreme Court today. Ordinary Ghanaians walking along the High Street, in front of the Supreme Court building, were attacked by an organised group of supporters of the National Democratic Congress with weapons, including canes, deliberately supplied to them.

Among the victims of today’s senseless attacks were hawkers, a pregnant woman, a teenage girl walking on the other side of the road who just happened to be wearing an NPP scarf. If it was not for the intervention of some of the police officers, the poor teenager would have been beaten to pulp. Also attacked was Nana Kofi Damoah, a young NPP activist, who was assaulted with sticks by a group of NDC supporters right at the entrance of the Court. It is obvious that this was a planned and orchestrated attack by NDC on innocent people perceived to be supporters or sympathisers of the New Patriotic Party. Continue reading


Inherent in any well established democracy is the staging of periodic elections. Such elections do not only present the electorate, the opportunity to hold their public officials accountable through the ballot but also presents the electorate with the opportunity to choose between the contending parties, personalities and their respective visions.

After receiving the endorsement of Ghanaians in the last Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2008, it is just appropriate that the stewardship of the NDC government is subjected to intense scrutiny by the Ghanaian people. Thus informed by the principles of transparent and accountable governance, the Alliance for Accountable Governance will commencing from Friday November, 30, 2012 hold series of public fora to assess the NDC government with the ultimate aim of aiding the electorate to make an informed decision come Election Day.

Commencing from Kumasi on Friday November, 30 2012, AFAG will also proceed to the Brong Ahafo Regional Capital, Sunyani on Monday December 3, 2012 and other regions which shall be communicated in due course.

It is the hope of AFAG, that in the end we will be uniquely positioned to influence the outcome of the results in order to save the country from her current state.

Thank you.


Davis Opoku Ansah (OPK)


Director of Operations

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