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A Vote For John Dramani Mahama Is A Vote For Corruption, Lies and Debts


GOING into a sixth election under the 1992 Constitution, Ghanaians, especially the youth, are confronted by a choice between policy effectiveness from the NPP and corruption and propaganda from the incumbent NDC.

The NPP is offering solid policy options aimed at a transformed knowledge economy for the benefit of the youth. On the other hand, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and President John Mahama, say it is impossible to do anything but have decided to bamboozle the people of Ghana with PR gimmicks and media stunts. Consequently, the NDC is spending obscene millions of Ghana cedis on billboards, flag posts and expensive vinyl posters in a desperate attempt to deceive Ghanaian voters once again on December 7, 2012. Continue reading


We want our money back from Waterville

The New Patriotic Party will like to add its voice to the growing calls by Ghanaians, for President John Dramani Mahama and his NDC administration to retrieve the “gargantuan” sums of money paid by the NDC government to individuals and institutions under the guise of judgement debts.

Of interest to the NPP, and well-meaning Ghanaians, at this point in time, is the 35 million Euros paid to construction company, Waterville, via an opaque arbitration process, arranged by officials of the NDC, for no work done.

It has been over two years since the NDC administration, headed by the late President, John Evans Atta-Mills, paid some 35 million Euros to construction firm Waterville, via an arbitration process. Continue reading

Ghana and the Double-Edged Sword of Democracy | World | TIME.com

Ghana and the Double-Edged Sword of Democracy

The late president may have helped deepen the roots of democracy but the economy has been uneven and polls in December may reflect middle-class discontent

By DREW HINSHAW / ACCRA | August 11, 2012 |

Ghana bid farewell to its late president John Evans Atta Mills Friday in a funeral every bit as boisterous as the noisy democracy for which this West African nation has become famous. Three brass bands marched the perimeter of the national stadium by the sea in the capital, Accra, while thousands of mourners sang hymns accompanied by a chorus of drummers and motorcade sirens. Mills, who died of throat cancer last month at 68, drew some heavyweight foreign backers in life: U.S. President Barack Obama was among foreign dignitaries who made a point of visiting to endorse Ghana’s adoption of democracy in a region notorious for military coups and strongmen. So it was in death: in the stadium bleachers, Hillary Clinton, on a last Africa tour as U.S. Secretary of State, could be seen chatting to ex-U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan. And while the funeral was a last hurrah for Mills, the system he helped build has already moved on. At the time of his death, Mills had been gearing up for another general election, due in December. With former Vice President John Mahama swiftly installed as both President and incumbent candidate of the ruling National Democratic Congress party, and the formalities of remembrance concluded, Ghana’s national election now begins in earnest. Continue reading

MILLS CHOKED ON HIS BLOOD | Daily Guide Newspaper

There are strong indications that former President John Evans Atta Mills choked on his own blood after suffering a rupture of a major blood vessel when there was nobody by his side to render a helping hand or even engage medical assistance when the danger signs were manifesting.

A post-mortem report DAILY GUIDE chanced upon has revealed that the remote cause of death, which has been in the public domain for a long time yet disputed by the deceased’s handlers, is throat cancer. The immediate cause of death however has been attributed to the choking resulting from the ruptured blood vessel.

The cancerous growth, according to the report, metastasized or spread to his sinuses, that is the cavity of the nasal passage, which perhaps accounted for his altered voice in his last days.

The inflammation or diseasing of this part of the body is referred to as sinusitis. Continue reading

GBC News – Funeral For Professor Mills Begins Today As 14 Heads Of State And Governments Confirm Participation

The three-day state funeral for Professor Mills commences today. The family of the late President will inspect his body this morning at the 37 Military Hospital.

He will later be laid in state at the Banquet Hall in Accra.

President John Mahama will be the first to file past the casket after which other dignitaries and the public will have the opportunity to file past the remains of the late Professor.

The national capital is already draped in red and black colours while flags still fly at half mast.

A number of roads will be closed to traffic during the three-day funeral. Continue reading


The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) will like to lend its voice to the call by the majority of Ghanaians who are demanding to know the circumstances surrounding, as well as the cause of death of the late President, H.E. Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills.

Government has been very reluctant to give the public any information on the cause of death of the late President. The Chairman of the Funeral Planning Committee, Mr Totobi Kwakye, has stated that a coroner’s inquest was not necessary in the case of the death of President Mills because he died at the 37 Military Hospital and in the competent hands of doctors.

Mr Totobi Kwakye went on to say that information about the cause of death of the late President was a private matter and must be exclusive to his family. A family member of the late President appears to support this position. We respectfully disagree with it. Continue reading

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